This is kind of just and introductory post regarding this blog site. As you probably know, or should know from reading the “About” section of this blog is that this blog is tied together with a research project I am currently doing through the University of South Dakota involving the emerging church movement in the United States. I am familiar with this movement prior to this research through a research paper I wrote this past year on this topic. Through this blog I intend to log my progress in studying the emerging church movement through the summer, but I also hope for this to be a place of discussion on the emerging church movement, but also for Christianity in general.

       I do not claim to know all there is about the emerging church movement or Christianity. Feel free to make comments or suggestions, or ask questions regarding any of the information that I provide through this blog. I will also ask many questions on this blog and anyone is more than welcome to attempt to solve any of the questions as well as point me in any direction that may help me answer the question for myself.

      This research is very open-ended due to the topic and I will be more than happy to take suggestions as to specific parts of the movement I should focus on as well as how I might be able to study these specific parts.

    I am really looking forward to this summer as I attempt to further my knowledge of the emerging church movement in the United States through my individual studies and also through the use of this blog.

-Eric Wiedenman

“If you have never doubted, you can never truly believe.”