A very rough draft of an abstract.

As society advances each day, the Christian religion appears to stand still against the advancing ideas. Little has been done to reverse this in within the religion, largely in part to ideologies of the Christian religion. However, a new movement originating in the United Kingdom and making its way to the United States focuses on the very problem of a stagnant Christianity. This paper attempts to expose the specific ideas behind the emerging church movement by providing a distinct definition, but also to give a greater understanding behind the movement itself. Very little is known of this movement, and this paper sheds light on it through the use of various sources, providing the groundwork of the movement through the collaboration of the ideas expressed currently within these resources. It also provides specific examples of practical application of the ideas of the movement towards evolving Christianity to be applicable in the present society. Along with this, it will expand on the idea of the present state of the world as a postmodern society, one of the main points within the movement causing it to exist. Through all of this, the paper will provide the proper information in order to understand the nature of the emerging church movement through its application of Christianity and through the progression of the movement in the United States. The paper will show the importance of the movement in regards to the state of Christianity in the United States and its need for change. (247 words)