I apologize for the large absence of posts in since the first one, I was having a little difficulty with my internet as well as posting on wordpress, but fear not, it appears to be fixed. At this point I am attempting to gather a central database for all things emerging church movement. My ultimate goal for this research project is to create a website with the purpose of being a “how to” for the emerging church movement, meaning if anyone wanted to learn how to incorporate the ideas of the movement into their own church, they have the resources available to find out how they can on the website, or find a link that will help them out. With that said, I have been working  on trying to come up with some concrete definition for this movement, which is proving very difficult. Here is what I have so far:

The idea that Christianity is not a religion, that is, something concrete and final, but that it is a movement that is ever changing with every new day. Christianity, for this movement, is about the future, not the past. One of the most distinct ideas of the movement is that the world is currently living in a postmodern world. Postmodernism refers to a distrust of theories and ideologies. Through this idea, Christians within this movement feel that Christianity should be a much more fluid, impermanent religion.

The emerging church movement does not attempt to change any of the ideologies or traditions of Christianity; it simply tries to alter the focus of these ideologies and traditions. The movement feels that Christianity has been too focused on the past. They feel that Jesus’ life was extremely important, but not just to look back at, but to apply it to the present and the future. They take the idea of the church and try to insert it into society. Many emerging church movement groups don’t even have a central church facility, they instead try to incorporate their communities already existing gathering places and use them for services on any day of the week.

This is certainly subject to change and revision as I progress through my research. I would love to have input from any readers of this as far as help  with adding things or if something in the definition doesn’t make sense or needs clarification. That’s all I have for now.