As society advances each day, the Christian religion appears to stand still against the advancing ideas. Little has been done to reverse this in within the religion, largely in part to ideologies of the Christian religion. However, a new movement originating in the United Kingdom and making its way to the United States focuses on the very problem of a stagnant Christianity. For this movement, one of its driving forces behind its attempt to change Christianity is the idea of postmodernism. Postmodern thinking, in regards to this movement, is the idea of questioning the ideologies that have been set in place for so long. The movement’s definition of postmodernism is expanded and analyzed as to how it fits in to the norm belief of what postmodernism truly means.  Discussed next is postmodernism’s definition outside of this movement and what it means, as well as what it is like, to be in a postmodern society. It will then expand on the idea of postmodernism within the movement itself. It will analyze how well postmodernism is being implemented in the movement and what facets of Christianity are being reorganized because of postmodern thinking. Through this expansion of the movement and how postmodernism is implemented within it, the discussion will switch to what extent of this movement is being considered having postmodern thinking. In closing, it will be discussed how well this movement has implemented the thinking of postmodernism on Christianity, but also to what extent this movement is going to have on Christianity has a religion.


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